OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Axial Case Launches on Kickstarter

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Axial Case Launches on Kickstarter

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Axial Case’s Ultimate Carry-Onwith Detachable Handle Chair Seat Now Available on KickStarter

Axial Case’s Patented Carry-on Integrates a Chair, Tray-Table, Luggage Rack, Dual USB Charging Station, Board Game, and White-Board into a Single Carry-On Suitcase

CHICAGO - Octoberber 2, 2017 – Axial Case today announced the availability of their patented Ultimate Carry-On for pre-order through KickStarter.  Shipments of pre-orders will begin March 2018.

Axial Case, founded by avid business traveler Brian Gibson, was searching for real solutions to hassles faced by most air travelers.  These included access to charging locations for digital devices, workspace, and crowded seating at the boarding gate.

Brian saw the opportunity and developed a solution.  He called his suitcase the Ultimate Carry-On, and filed for patents to cover the primary features.  US Utility Patent 8,333,271 was granted covering a universal removable suitcase handle that can instantly convert to a comfortable seat or serves as a luggage rack, to elevate the case for easy access.  The Axial Case Ultimate Carry-On also features a tray table that fits atop the seat, a USB power charger that snaps in and out of the case.  The case’s exterior is made from durable lightweight Nylon materials and the wheels are high performance spinners.

“Axial Case’s Ultimate Carry-On will utilize the most advanced materials in the manufacturing of the handle and luggage pieces to ensure excellent performance,” said Brian Gibson, Founder of Axial Case.  “We look forward to seeing our patented detachable handle become really useful and a beloved feature that becomes widely accepted by travelers.”

Gibson aims to achieve an initial goal of $28,000 on KickStarter to support the development, distribution, and production of Axial Case’s Ultimate Carry-On.  Early backers can pre-order the ultimate carry-on at a discounted price of $139.00.

During the prototype development cycle, Axial Case conducted market research that revealed interesting insights into traveler’s luggage needs.  76% of respondents indicated that a luggage system providing additional functionality of a seat was valuable to them, while 70% indicated that a luggage system providing additional functionality of a luggage rack also added value.

The Axial Case Ultimate Carry-On comes equipped with:

Power Charger - Built-in power charger to the case itself, but it can also be removed for everyday use in your briefcase, purse, or beach bag.  The power charger has dual USB slots and can charge two devices at the same time.

Adjustable Height Padded Handle - Ultra strong, welded chromoly (the material bicycles are made of) that is built for durability.  The handle adjusts to multiple heights by way of a cleverly designed toggle button for easy pulling of the luggage.  Handle has a padded comfort grip.

Quick Access Pockets – Each case has two sewn in mesh pockets to the seat webbing, which allows for a standard soda, water bottle, gum or smartphone to be held in position at a convenient height while it receives a charge from the power supply. 

Removeable Handle Uses:

Seat and Foot Rest - Our removable handle instantly converts to a seat for use anywhere.  The height of the seat is a comfortable 18 inches from the floor.  The ripstop nylon chair seat is 13 inches x 8 inches wide, which is a common seating area for a camp style stool, and can withstand 250 pounds of weight.

Luggage Rack - Our handle converts to a floor-standing hotel luggage rack that elevates to a standard 18.5 inches.

Workstation - The table top becomes a work station for your laptop.  The work station can also become a nice surface to place a tablet so that you can stream tv shows and movies during airport wait times.

Food and Beverage Tray - Built to fit on top of the handle.  Place food and drink on the tray so that you do not place food on your lap.  This lightweight durable table has been carefully designed to fit into the front pocket of the carry-on luggage.

Game Table and Dry Erase Board - Flip over the integrated table to expose a checker/chess board for fun while waiting.  We include magnetic chess and checkers pieces that attach to the game table.  Magnetic game pieces allow you to continue the game even in turbulent flight.  Business travelers and kids can reverse the game table to reveal a black neon marker erasable whiteboard on which they can draw.


About Axial Case: Axial Case is a Chicago-based travel goods and commercial case company that is dedicated to developing high tech and high-quality products for travelers.  The Axial Case Ultimate Carry-On is a durable nylon luggage on smooth-gliding four-wheel spinners loaded with patented features found on no other case.  From a handle that converts to a built-in seat and a tray topper, to power chargers and game board, Axial Case elevates your travel experience.  For additional information, please visit: